Dubai Expo New Zealand Pavillion - Film Room



The Aotearoa New Zealand Pavilion is designed as an immersive experience that conveys the theme Care for People and Place, based on kaitiakitanga, the indigenous Māori ethos of connection to the natural environment. The pavilion is New Zealand’s waka taonga - a receptacle for essential aspects of our identity and values. In 2019 we were commissioned to technically direct the immersive projection mapped space, to help realise and conceptualise, vfx supervise and post produce the live action and VFX scenes for the 6 min 8 surfaced immersive film room space.

Technical and Setup

The mapping and film capture and media creation for this huge 8 surfaced immersive space required significant research, design and testing. We worked the spatial designers and technical suppliers to build a 3D pre viz system to be able to view 8 surface edits in real time.

vfx supervision and shooting

Working colaboratively with the designers, director, local Iwi crew, this was a highly technical undertaking.

River / Ruku 360

Visitors enter into a sense of their own connection with the natural world and experience Aotearoa New Zealand’s innovations, including the legal personhood status accorded to the Whanganui River in 2017 to uphold at law the river as Te Awa Tupua, a living and indivisible whole, to better provide for the river’s health and wellbeing. Working closely with mana whenua over two years, there was a deep connection and understanding around the cultural importance of the work we produced for Iwi.


Powhiri scene

The pavilion shows how New Zealanders are driven to innovate because we Care for People and Place – and it is this understanding of our connection and responsibility to the environment that motivates us to do better for future generations.

Final Mid projections

Final wall projections