Les Mills - Yoga For Now


We were happy to be involved in this international collaboration with some exceptionally talented people. Long time co-conspirator, director Steve Baker asked us to complete VFX and finishing on this creatively ambitious project he schemed up with LA based DOP Monica May and photographer & art director Carlos Serrao. We loved the unique creative approach and did intensive 3D pre-vis of the unusual series of camera moves on several different custom camera rigs that are central to all the spots. We created a virtual set to check green screen setups and used these to collaborate remotely with the team on the ground in LA to ensure we'd tick all the boxes for VFX requirements on set. Special mention to the use of beautiful 8mm footage.


  • Remote VFX Supervision
  • VFX & Online


  • Director - Steve Baker
  • Art Director - Carlos Serrao
  • DOP - Monica May
  • Colourist - Pete Ritchie

Storyboard, pre-vis, green screen & final comp

Pre-vis vs. final delivery

Move the slider to see a comparison of pre-producton alongside final result of production and post.