BBC Prime - Human Serengetti - Axis Award winner


To launch a new season of BBC's Planet Earth on Prime, we worked with the team at Draft FCB, sound designer Peter Hobbs and Big Picture to bring lions and wildebeest from the African savannah to Albert Park in Auckland. Using a combination of wildlife footage, rotoscopy, projection, surround sound and practical FX, we activated an immersive experience over 3 nights in Albert park. We designed and fabricated bespoke screens, and comissioned Big Picture for projection tech. Park visitors suddenly found themselves in the middle of a visceral lion hunt. Peter Hobbs won a well deserved Axis award for his work on the 360 immersive sound for this project.


  • VFX
  • Projection
  • Experience Design


  • FCB


Site recce, projection material testing, rotoscopy, run cycle extraction and scale testing.