AWMM - 'Carried Away' exhibition films


We were tasked with visually enhancing the ‘Carried Away’ AWMM Bag Exhibition.  We created four very different films, that brought each bag’s history to life. Sitting in behind key objects, in long vertical reflective glass cabinets, these films were made with the spatial design of the cabinets and the full gallery experience in mind. We meticulously planned the highly technical composition and capture before shooting and post-production to ensure the stories behind each bag added ‘heart and soul’ and complemented the exhibition. 


  • Pre-production, shoot and post.
  • VFX


  • Auckland War Memorial Museum
  • Sound: Liquid Studios
  • Illustration: Felicity Moore
  • DOP - Tammy Williams

The Bags

Research, references & casting

Behind the Scenes - the films

We worked closely with award winning DOP Tammy Williams to shoot live action plates on green screen to capture the hero characters in each of the stories scripted by the exhibition development team at AWMM. This footage was then integrated with CG imagery and illustrations to bring the scenes to life. There was a lot of attention to detail around making sure wardrobe, props and action were all historically accurate.


We commissioned artist Felicity Moore to create unique painted backdrops for each film. Each backdrop was created in a different style - ranging from Ukiyo-E for Japanese, to Oil paint on canvas for Scandinavia.

VFX & Animation

The background illustrations were used to design the final aesthetic for the films as we combined them with the live action green screen plates.

Final Films