Vector - Energy Future


Farmer Clark commissioned us to provide the VFX that told the story of what Auckland's energy future could look like thanks to Vector. We worked with Auckland city council and Craftshop to create vehicles, solar roofing, power infrastructure and future buildings in the Auckland skyline. These elements were then comped into the scenes where our young futurist explores the Tamaki Makaurau of the future.


  • Pre-production & shoot planning
  • VFX, online and finishing


  • Production Company - Farmer Clark
  • Director - Simon Clark
  • 3D - Craftshop

Future Concepting

We worked with Vector, Auckland council and the Craft Shop team to visualise a not-too-distant technological future based on reality.

VFX Pre-production

Each scene was meticulously broken down by the team to determine which elements would be live action and which would be added in post. Each shot was acquired in layers that the post team then put together.

CG Integration

The team at the Craft Shop generated CG lit and rendered using collected reference data from the live action shoot and we integrated all the elements in Flame.