ATEED - Light Temple



Light Temple is a 3min 3D projection mapped film that celebrated the Diwali Festival, utilising the iconic Papatoetoe Town Hall in South Auckland as its canvas. The animation tells the story of Rama, Sita and entourage returning home from war and exile, emerging from portals of light. The building's architecture is transformed in colour, changing the classical colonial face of the building into a golden Hindu temple complete with intricate carved friezes. The piece lit up Papatoetoe, a celebration and reflection in light and colour, of the multicultural community in which it was presented.


  • Motion Design


  • ATEED - Leilani Meredith
  • Auckland Council - Ella Mizrahi
  • Projection equipment - Big Picture - Paul Carppe
  • Sound composition - Previn Naidu


3D Cloth drop simulation

Final Renders

Final Renders
Final Renders
Final Renders