Te Māngai Pāho - Branding Ident

Pango Productions

The brief

Te Māngai Pāho is a NZ government agency - they fund media that promotes Māori language & culture for all people. Our job was to concept and create an entirely refreshed branding animation, to replace the iconic ident that had represented the funding authority for over 20 years.


  • Concepting
  • 3D animation and VFX

Conception of the look

The movement of light tendrils initially represents the children of Ranginui and Papatuanuku and their movement to separate their parents in space, bringing light to existence. The whakapapa of te reo Maori is represented by the continuously growing tendrils of light -  highlighting the long lineage of Maori oral history that continues into the present day and extends towards the future.  It has hope. The coalescence of the multitude of tendrils represents the many people across time who have contributed to the growth, evolution and survival of te Reo.

Conception of the look
Conception of the look
Conception of the look

Animation exploration

start to finish